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Watching Paint Dry #6: The Island of The Wick

It’s 2012! whoo wow! End of the world etc…

How goes it doodlers? Hope you all enjoyed going temporarily insane out there. I know I did. New Years Eve 2011, was always gonna be a big one in case at the stroke of midnight the world imploded I suppose. That evening I was in Hackney Wick, writing on things. And drinking. The two go together for some of us perfectly. So my pal and I wandered off about 11pm, a little worse for wear. Big blue pen in hand. There were a lot of parties going on in the Wick and therefore a lot of people milling about but we sneaked a few handstyles up as we wandered and discussed a variety of nonsense.

A few happy new year’s greetings on the odd panel, industrial estate door etc. Boom, out of nowhere an unmarked police car stops us and 2 Hench looking gentlemen spring out the car like go go gadget copper. “Hello chaps, what you up to here then eh?” says cop 1. “Ahhhhhhh happy New Year lads, it’s only chalk mate look its rubs off” I reply furiously wiping away the blue ink because it’s still wet. It smears away nicely onto my jumper sleeve and soaks away. “Sorry mate, bit pissed eh. We just been at a cheese and wine party and we drank a lot of red, whot whot” I jest, to somehow quite good effect…Cop 2, who has been surveying my 5 tags along metal fence posts nearby is more interested in my pal, who is looking steaming (ha-ha you know who you are!) But like the true professional he is, he continues to assist in the spelling of shite to the 2 henchmen of Babylon (as a friend of mine would say) and right on cue Cop 2. Says “So do you lads know Banksy then?” and I break out laughing, immediately then reigning it in. The conversation went for about 15 minutes. Until we bid the chaps a farewell and off they “trotted” eyes all wonky as their heads exploded with things they’d never thought of before. Me and my pal grinned and continued our swigging. And writing on things. Obviously.

This must happen a lot round these ends. There’s lots of art going on. From the tiny to the huge, and I mean huge. Like literally gigantic. So many names have passed through this place in the last minute. And everywhere you look you’ll see a name, an image, something. If you travel to the Wick on the overground as you wander out, if you look behind yourself as you walk down the stairs you’ll see a rooftop piece from the legendary “PANIK” Lovely it is. Green. And that kinda sets the tone really, piece’s everywhere. “MIGHTY MO” + “SWEETTOOF” have covered the place (like they have most areas of the city-tipping of hat) Some dope collabs between them too. All over the place. TOOF’S even had a nibble on the whole corner of one building. It’s going off down here. Loads and loads of tags too, some sit on doors like a Tetris game. And all the time, all this… Under the eye of the Olympic stadium. Wonder what’s going to happen though? As Boris increases presence in and around the area, and as more and more street art appears, a turf war seems imminent. But nonetheless, some wonderful work has been put up on these walls, a few flicks below as always… Let the games begin I say.

So stay fresh you maniacs, happy new years. Here’s to a colourful 2012, god bless the police.
(I would like to add these are purely my views, Notion does not condone graffiti in any way nor does it dislike the police, many thanks.)

Stay up!


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