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UK EXCLUSIVE: Shigeto – Huron River Drive

We’ve been fans of Ghostly International multi-instrumentalist and beatmaker Zach Saginaw’s (Shigeto to his fans) work ever since we stumbled across his stuff back at the beginning of 2010 when his first EPs were released. Riffing on the ever-popular chillwave vibe, Shigeto’s six years of jazz training in both NYC and LDN give his work an extra level of gorgeously-composed brilliance. As Sagiunaw has developed his sound through instrumental hiphop, electronic beats and IDM, it’s gradually become the ethereal beauty that this latest track, Huron River Drive, embodies. This seminal label’s influence is clear on this prolific and talented young producer, and we can safely say that if Huron River Drive does anything, it whets our appetite for the upcoming Lineage mini-LP, coming on the 31st Jan on Ghostly.

Shigeto – Huron River Drive by ghostly

- Clarke von Moritz

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