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It’s So Charming: Astrid & Miyu

Searching for that special kind of jewellery, that can’t be bought from a high street chain (shudder), or that is one ring nestled on a rack of mass produced million is one of my most favourite past times. It’s called costume jewellery for a reason. Helping to dress for however you feel that day, whatever role you’re going play. It’s looking down at piece of jewellery knowing that somehow it represents a memory or a little tiny piece of you. Yep, I’m dangerously emotionally attached to my clothes and then some.

Astrid&Miyu.com brings you quite charming costume jewellery sourced from all over the world. The kind of jewellery that makes you feels pink on the inside. Intricate, delicate trinkets that reminisce of eras gone by sold alongside bold statement golds. All sold at affordable prices ranging between £12 and £300 and with new pieces available every week thank you founders, Connie Nam and Jenny Orlova for your bewitching jewels.

- Kathryn Duncan

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