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Planet Notion at Bugged Out: The Round-Up

Bugged Out is a brand spanking new festival set in the glorious grounds of Butlins Bognor Regis. In the middle of January. Despite it being the earliest festival in the year ever, we said “fuck the start of year blues, let’s dance,” and arranged the first road trip of the year for our Notion team.

After a five-hour car journey in Friday rush hour traffic, and a food and booze related detour to Tesco Extra, we arrived at the resort at around 8pm and sorted out our accommodation. I, being a Butlins virgin, was regaled with tales throughout our car journey as to what a trip to the holiday destination would entail – living in a small, badly ventilated tin hut for a weekend. However, none of our team had experienced the blooming brilliant Bognor Regis branch, and we were bloody chuffed to discover that between us we had two chalets and three (very nice) hotel rooms.

After we settled into our LuXuRiOuS accommodation, we headed off to schmooze with some other press people and drink too many bottles of free Budweiser. After, we were minding our own business outside and this rude bwoi approached one of the team, said “d’ya like ganj?” and proceeded to blow skunky smoke into her face. He was a bold man. His name, we found out, was Envy. This is what he had to say: “This is a real first edition Chanel watch. It cost over a grand. I got it at a good price – it was worth three grand. If I were to sell it, the watch would be worth two grand.” Unfortunately we didn’t get to take a picture of him but picture a more buff Jay Sean. Fly. However here is a picture of what his bling sort of looked like:


Already, the festival-goers looked like they were having lots of fun. They all looked very excited, intense and up 4 a laugh. These young whippersnappers were on a ‘girls’ holiday’ and although they look about twelve the one in the stripey trousers said she was twenty. We asked her if she’d rather have wings or no legs, and this is what she had to say: “You’d feel so left out if you had to fly instead of walk. I think I’d rather fit in and be normal.” What if your ears grew into wings grew? Would you cut them off? “I’d carry on flying.”

One time, we were minding our own business lurking at the back of the crowd during a Breakage DJ set, and came across a girl who likes wearing underwear as outerwear and we got her to follow us on Twitta. Her friend described her as ‘J-Lo, but on a budget’. There is also a fancy dress shop on site, so naturally we met a lot of suave men looking like this:

The highlight of the night had to be dancing to Ms Dynamite. Her half-hour set temporarily turned me into the motha fuckin’ freaky bitch I have always aspired to be. She spat some lines and it was Sick.

Here is an instagram photo that I took of my pick n mix on Saturday morning.

The highlight of Saturday night was getting together to dance to Hudson Mohawke’s set which was bloody brilliant, of course. On Sunday we packed our bags, and headed to the Toby Carvery for a roast buffet. When we pulled up in the car park, there was sick on the floor.

This may have been the most comfortable, convenient festival we’ve ever been to. Thanks for having us Bugged Out & Butlins Bognor Regis – we had a great time!

-Team Notion

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