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LFW Interview: Fam Irvoll

LFW Interview: Fam Irvoll

Kicking off Vauxhall Fashion Scout this AW was Norwegian designer Fam Irvoll and her saccharine sweet “Monster Mash” collection. The show opened to the booming sound of ‘Ghostbusters’ (already the winner for best soundtrack and it’s only Day 1) as the models ‘came alive’ on the catwalk. Nearly every piece of the playful collection is emblazoned with Irvoll’s candy-colored characters or (to reluctantly use a Gaga quip) Little Monsters; who also took shape in oversized bumbags, rucksacks and shoulder pieces. The ultra -girly collection of layered tutus and pearl detailing is smothered in a Neapolitan ice cream palate with Underground collab creepers to match. And just when you thought it couldn’t get any cuter Irvoll only goes and skips three wee girls down the catwalk. Honestly, we’d call them precocious brats if they weren’t so damn adorable. Irvoll shows in yet another season her tongue is firmly in her cheek and can always be relied upon to bring some childish mischief to a week that can sometimes take itself a little too seriously. Planet Notion managed to chase down the colourful ‘Mama Monster’ backstage after the mash..

Planet Notion: First of all WOW what a spooky opener with “Ghostbusters”! What was the main inspiration behind your collection “Monster Mash”?

Fam Irvoll: It’s been Ghostbusters obviously! There’s a mix of inspirations – definitely Japanese Anime, there’s some Alice In Wonderland in there and rave. Definitely Rave!

PN: Now you have to tell me about the monsters. There’s a Cyclops, Octopus and I think a dinosaur in there am I right?

FI:They don’t have any names sadly! I’m a bit obsessed with monsters though.

PN:There’s a real playful, childlike element with your collection – it’s full of characters and colour, there’s a real element of ‘big girls’ dressing as ‘little girls’. Are you really just a big kid yourself?

FI: Yeah I mean, I am really! I’ve been like this forever…and I’m 31 now! So yeah I do make children’s clothes for adults in a way.

PN: One of the elements that really stands out in your collection is colour – you’re from Norway, which fashionwise can be quite subdued and austere, is your collection a reaction to this?

FI:Well I’m definitely considered the clown back home because of how I dress; I don’t take myself too seriously. Everything’s really beige back home, so that’s why I come here to London.

PN: Tell me about the sassy wee girls closing the show?

FI: Well I do a childrenswear collection as well and I wanted to incorporate that into my womanswear collection a little bit. The three girls have walked in my shows before; they’ve done four seasons! And they are from back home, so they’re having a little holiday as well!

Words – Ailie Robertson

Photos – Kevin Chesnais

Illustrations – Martine Mbala

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