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LFW Interview: John Rocha

LFW Interview: John Rocha

Always finding the perfect balance between theatrical and wearable, this season John Rocha focused on texture, and thus brought us an almost all-black palette which largely consisted of leather, sheer silk and Mongolian fur. However, don’t mistake this for an all black fashion hype, as for John, it’s all about the person- with a contemporary twist.

Planet Notion: Hello, how are you doing? It’s all a little bit hectic backstage!

John Rocha: Yes I know!

PN: Tell us what were the main inspirations for this season?

JR: It’s about romantic rock and roll, but I wanted to make it quite wearable. So I focused more on how you can play round with texture, and how this fits into a much more contemporary edgy street style.

PN: Is this why you used a lot of black, so that you could really notice the texture?

JR: I’m a great fan of black, I think with black it’s all about the person, with black you see the person first and then the clothes.

PN: So it’s about the person more than the clothes?

JR: Yes, definitely, they are the inspiration.

PN: How do you find showing in London, you’ve been here for so long now?

JR: Yes, twenty seven… twenty eight years now. I’m pretty sure I’m now the longest surviving show in London! And now even my daughter is showing…

PN: Yes – and are you a proud daughter of Simone?

JR: Yes of course, it’s a wonderful day for me I think, the fact that people still come and see what I do and then my daughter shows the same day as me, and she has her own voice and that she will do well with her own self. So all in all it’s a great day.

PN: Do you ever have conversations with Simone, about designers?

JR: No, not really- I mean, I haven’t seen her for ten days!

PN: And will you be celebrating together later?

JR: Yes! A big party!

Words and Photos – Emma Hoareau


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