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LFW Interview: Aminaka Wilmont

Maki Aminaka and Marcus Wilmont are the power force of Aminaka Wilmont, and yesterday afternoon, showcased a collection for the first time at London Fashion Week. A hard, ice cold aesthetic was the look du jour as the fiercest of fierce looking models strutted down the catwalk in full, goth queen glory. By way of contrast, cold prints were warmed with bright bright greens, pinks and purples while soft fabrics balanced out seriously tailored silhouettes and dark, glass, body shields hardened the strong concept.

Planet Notion: Congrats on the show, you must be happy with how that went.

Marcus Wilmont: Yep, absolutely! It’s very important to us to have a smooth running show and this was very smooth.

PN: Yes, it was very slick. So tell us a bit about the collection.

MW: We usually stick to a concept base collection, but this season we had too many sources of inspiration to try and narrow into a story, so we actually ended up trying to form a woman or a muse that we could form the collection around, so we could encompass all the different things we were looking at: Japanese clothes, witches, crystals, stones, all of these things.

PN: Yes it was quite diverse. I think our favourite was the very bright, feather print.

MW: It’s not feather, it was actually water lilies, but this is this great thing about print, it’s all in the eye of the beholder.

PN: How do you normally go about designing your prints?

MW: Well, usually we just think about them as sources of material that we use. Bring images back to the studio and manipulate them on the computer, so that they fit the shape and fit in.

PN: So does the print usually come a bit later for you? You have the design and the materials ready beforehand?

MW: Usually yes, because we need to see how it folds and how it works.

PN: And the sort of body shields/armour…

MW: They are actually made from glass, by a glass artist from the royal college who we met through friend and who has become a dear friend to us as well!

PN: Where did the idea for them come from?

MW: We wanted to create an image of a woman made out of glass and crystal, like a really hard woman.

PN: Yes, the whole collection had quite a hard edge to it. So how do you find working as a pair?

MW: Wouldn’t do without it, absolutely wouldn’t do.

PN: Is it easy? Do you always see eye to eye?

MW: Nope, never! We always end up fighting about the whole thing, but that’s how we work, that’s how we make clothes. That’s just our process.

PN: And how are you planning to celebrate?

MW: Sleeping! That’s how we’re going to celebrate. It’s the primary thing you wanna catch up on! We’ve never done as many looks as we did this season, suckers for punishment I guess.

Words – Laura Peebles
Photos – Kaye Ford


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