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Frank Philips is the young lady behind exciting new menswear label, TOBEFRANK. Showing for the first time at London Fashion Week, her debut collection was all about reinventing the original gentleman. Inspired by both the working and the business man, the collection fused working class with upper class style wonderfully well to reveal a very modern type of sophistication. Each carrying a handful of red roses, models strode down the runway in bold shirts of block purple, blue and red, teamed with looser-fit trousers, knits and updated the classical cut of gentlemanly coats and jackets. Contemporary detailing, such as the two-tone double collar, were welcome surprises, cementing her fresh aesthetic within traditional influences.

Planet Notion: So this your debut show…

Frank Philips: Yes it is!

PN: How has it all gone?

FP: Yeah it’s great and it actually went ok, so I’m really happy!

PN: And how have liked showing in London?

FP: I’ve always wanted to do it and always dreamt about it, but just never thought it would happen, so, amazing. Just really amazing.

PN: What were the ideas behind the collection?

FP: Well basically the brand was inspired by the working man mixed with the business man. The whole idea was based on a true story, and the whole brand idea is based on the see-through supply train. So basically I’m completely honest about everything, so it’s about knowing exactly where the garment came from.

PN: So what can we look forward to seeing from you in the future?

FP: Hopefully I’ll be back!

Words – Laura Peebles
Photos – Kaye Ford

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