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Introducing Our BOTW: Hooray For Earth

It’s been pretty much universally decided that Hooray For Earth’s music is just so wonderfully epic. Layers of clever, scuttling drum beats, carefully placed electronic pulses and major key guit riffs infiltrate the new album, True Loves. It’s almost impossible to believe that the cinematic long player is the brain child of just one man, singer-songwriter Noel Heroux. But he’s not so alone any more, joined by bassist Christopher Principe as his deputy, as well as drummer Joseph Clampini and Jessica and Cristi from Zambri on backing vocals. Such a talented bunch of musicians, rooted by the mixing skills of the renowned Chris Coady, meant that we had high expectations for this record and they have been met, thank God!

Hooray For Earth has impressed the hard-to-please critics of The Stool Pigeon, Sunday Times Culture, and of course Planet Notion – we’ll be reviewing the record later on in the week. We’ve also got a video, interview and download for you to enjoy so keep your eyes peeled for more Hooray For Earth based content this week.


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