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LFW: Asger Juel Larsen

LFW Interview: Asger Juel Larsen

Being long time fans of both Asger Juel Larsen and T.Lipop and all, Planet Notion were like totally cheesin’ that the Selfridges christened Bright Young Things would be showing together/”verses” this season. Well, it is PN’s last show of fashion week. We’re tired. We’re weak. We’re surprisingly still talking to each other, so we welcome a two for one catwalk show with open arms.

Larsen opened the double feature show with flickering grainy clips of POW’s getting kicked into the snow, marching endlessly and doing scary industrial things that Soviets do, to rhythmic Russian war calls and generally just a lot of noise and shouting. How unsettling. Severely pissed off looking models stormed the catwalk in Larsen’s broken down S&M’d Soviet uniforms; fur hats, oversized separates, cut off/zip away details and leather gloves. It’s quite terrifying, but all totally sexy at the same time (“I’ll be your POW anytime” “Is that a bayonet in your pocket or…?” etc WINK)

Against the gothic, monochrome palette the brand is synonymous for and the raw, masculine aggression of the collection, Larsen injects touches of Romanov opulence with blood red fur pieces and golden baroque suiting. The militant tailoring is also softened by lurex drop crotch pants and Larsen’s playful bone printed beanies and jumpers, oh and a smokin’ blonde girl walked as well. REPRESENT SISTA.

Arguably the most sensory arresting show of Fashion Week, Larsen effectively scares us all shitless with his AW12 offerings, but in a good way of course. PN slipped warily backstage to chat to Asger about his contentious collection…

Planet Notion: Notion are big fans of yours Asger!

Asger Juel Larsen: Oh I love Notion!

PN: How kind of you! What was the design process like in creating “Lucid Disorder”?

AJL: We started with something specific, so we looked to Russia and the revolution. And overtaking that and pushing it forward, to the point some of the pieces almost look like Star Trek uniforms! We’ve also added PVC and leather. Lot’s of movies as well have been inspiring, like “The Road” with Viggo Mortensen or like this horror movie called “Dead Snow”.

PN: Post-apocalyptic then?

AJL: Yeah, yeah definitely. But then these films also have things like Nazi zombies and so it’s a mix with that. And also MC Hammer trousers.

PN: Any reason you looked to Soviet Russia? It’s pretty dark.

AJL: I wanted to re-do the uniform. I’ve added massive lapels, and really add structure and tailoring. I wanted to mix up something as powerful as Soviet Russia with something contemporary; mix it up with popular culture so it’s a bit more relaxed.

PN: Favourite piece from the collection?

AJL: The gold paisley print suit and of course my blood red coat as well, but they are all my babies!

PN: What can we expect for SS13?

AJL: Much more light, much more colour, more relaxed, more baggy. But I’ll never lose the Larsen aesthetic!


Words – Ailie Robertson
Photos – Kaye Ford

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