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EP Review: Midnight Lion – Sleeping In The Woods

Midnight Lion are a Glaswegian two piece rightly unafraid of a big pop sound. The EP Sleeping In The Woods is the follow up to their debut single ‘All Greatness Stands Firm’

Firstly, let’s deal with the paisley elephant in the room. This EP does include a Prince cover – ‘When Doves Cry’ which is probably the most covered Prince song.  Covering Prince is a pointless endeavour. You’ll never make the song sound better and it’s impossible to divorce yourself from the original. The best you can achieve is to remind everyone that Prince is a genius and create something that is not too hideous. (Damien Rice. Shudder.) This version is not too hideous.

The Prince cover should be seen as statement of intent. Midnight Lion seem to be tipping their hat to the gloriously overproduced music of the 80s. The title track slowly builds to a big sing-a-long chorus with vocals just the right side of whiny emo. The heavy synths, reminiscent of 80s bands like Talk Talk, Japan and Orchestral Manoeuvres in the Dark, really stand out as something special.  The EP also features a remix of the track by the band which transforms the song into a darker, more brooding, more sinister and is just as brilliant. ‘In Too Deep’ is a softer song but still features layers of beats and a chorus befitting a student union indie disco.

Sleeping In The Woods isn’t particularly clever but it is big. And that’s fine with me. Two singles into their career Midnight Lion are already remarkably confident about their sound.  They should be. They’re already sounding pretty good.

- Dan Austin

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