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BOTW Interview: Mmoths

We talked to Jack Colleran, AKA Mmoths, AKA Planet Notion’s BOTW, about the Irish music scene, his Valentine’s Day and how he got signed to SQE.

There’s not a lot we know about you at the moment, apart from you’re called Jack Colleran and you’re from Ireland. Tell us something about yourself that no one else knows.
I secretly love to dance in my room to Ciara.

Describe your music in a sentence.
Whatever you want it to be.

What’s your musical background? What did you listen to growing up and did you learn music formally?
I started getting piano lessons when I was 5 and then gave up on that when I was 13. I picked up bass then and was in some shitty bands.

What led you down the path of electronic synth music? Has it always been something you’ve been interested in, or something you’ve grown to get into as you’ve gotten older?
I was never interested in electronic music. I didn’t really know what it even was. I just started making some tracks and people were like it sounds like this and this. I suppose that’s kind of how I got into it all.

There are a lot of electronic musicians/producers/DJs at the moment. What makes you stand out from the crowd?
I really don’t know. I guess I try to make music that doesn’t necessarily sound completely electronic. I try to make sounds you mightn’t have heard before.

How did you come to sign with SQE?
Seb Webber was working with XL Recordings at the time, he sent me an email and said he wanted to call me. I couldn’t really believe it but I sent him on my number and we chatted for a while. When he said he wanted to release my shit with SQE it was pretty weird but it was cool to know that people wanted to push it further.

What’s the music scene like in Ireland at the moment? Are there any musicians we should know about apart from you and Sinead O’Connor?
Hahaha wow. Sinead O’Connor. Yeah there’s loads of cool shit happening back home at the minute. Loads of new electronic producers coming up. Monto, SertOne, Faws. I’m leaving out loads. But all you need to do is head over to Nialler9 or any other Irish music blog and see all that’s going on. Solar Bears are killing it too. If you haven’t checked them out, do it. Those dudes over Sinead O’Connor any day.

You sent me a Valentine’s card that played a clip from one of your new tracks ‘Heart’, which was really nice. It was the only one I got. I felt sorry for myself and ate a box of chocolates that night. Are you a big fan of Valentine’s day? What’s the best/worst/weirdest one that you’ve had?
Amazing. I’m glad you liked it. Valentine’s Day is pretty cool. A day for lovin’. Actually, this year was pretty weird. My girlfriend didn’t want to do presents or whatever so I bought her a series of angling DVDs by Bob Nudd. They’re pretty cool.

How did the collaboration with Keep Shelly In Athens come about?
The guys at SQE wanted to put out Heart again on the EP but I didn’t just want to release the same track. We decided to get vocals on it and Sarah was the first person I thought of. Her voice is amazing. So I got in touch with her and they were up for doing it.

You’ve done remixes of tracks from Passion Pit, Interpol, Bon Iver and others. What do you get from remixing that’s different from making your own music?
You’re working with someone else’s work. I always find it hard not to write a new track from what I’ve been given. Having respect for what the other artist has written is definitely the key.

Who are three artists/bands who have had the biggest effect on you?
Bon Iver, Jamie XX/The XX and Evenings.

If you weren’t a musician what would you do?
I always wanted to be an architect.

What are the last three things you put on your iPod/last few records you bought?
The new Jessie Ware release. The Disclosure remix is amazing. I bought the Shlohmo record. Got the Real Estate album too. I haven’t really been getting much new music lately, so I feel a bit behind.

What would you like Mmoths to achieve this year?
I really don’t know. I’m just taking everything as it comes.

-Bronya Francis

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