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LFW Interview: Fashion East Men’s Installation – Kit Neale

The air-kissing and free champagne spilling fug surrounding the Fashion East Men’s installations was all getting a bit much for Planet Notion. Moving into the back rooms to escape the half drunk mob, PN followed the distinct tones of Presley…and found Kit Neale. Print master extraordinaire Kit Neale (kool name) looks to his daddio’s allotment for botanical inspiration for his suited and custom Reebok booted collection. Kaleidoscopic butterfly, beetle and turnip super prints over dungarees, rolled up trousers and bombers worn with curtained do’s brought on a sweet 90’s childhood nostalgia. Awh. It’s also worth mentioning the inexplicable yet amazing looped vid featuring the models hip swinging and singing to Elvis’s “Hound Dog” which drew PN to Kit in the first place. Thank’s Elvis.

Planet Notion: Where did your collection come from?

Kit Neale: It started in my father’s allotment. I was inspired by the outdoors; all the natural things going on there, that’s why you’ll see prints of butterflies and turnips in my collection! I’m really happy with how the visuals look; I’m really a print designer so I’m really happy there’s such strong imagery. The collection is just something I played around with really to see what I could come up with!

PN: Have you enjoyed putting together your collection?

KN: LOVED IT! It’s been mad busy though, my Blackberry’s like, dead from all the calls and emails! We’re both worn out.

PN: Well it’s last day now!

KN: Yes I am looking forward to getting a good nights sleep! It’s been a lot of work building up to this.

PN: You have a looped video of your models performing Elvis Presley’s “Hound Dog” with your exhibition. Explain!

KN: Haha well, my dad’s a massive Elvis fan!

PN: Your father’s had a big influence on your collection it seems.

KN: Not consciously. It just sort of happened!

PN: Your models must be sick of listening to the video now.

KN: I know! I feel so sorry for them! I’m going fucking crazy! I’ll be dreaming the lyrics. Some of the boys took part in the film themselves, so they must be sick of watching themselves dance badly.

PN: Thought about SS13 yet?

KN: More print! We’ll hopefully have taken over the world by then.

Words – Ailie Robertson
Photography – Kevin Chesnais

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