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Watching Paint Dry #11: Graffiti Comes In Many Forms

Eye eye campers, how the devil are you all? March is upon us out of nowhere.
Apologies for lack of transmission last week (if my memory serves, which it rarely does). I’ve been busy doing stuff to stay alive. We can’t all eat nothing and spend every other waking minute splashing paint about on some rooftop somewhere you know. If only we could. I’m still hungry as I write though. Perhaps I should just take that can of emulsion and that roller out after all. It’s a dirty job but someone’s gotta do it.
I digress..

Sod politics eh. I’m done with politics at the moment. But here’s a quick update on the “Coke wall” (as it’s now known). It’s been tweaked somewhat, with the Coca Cola logo painted out and a huge HW cut out from the remainder of the destroyed ‘piece’. This one has become a ‘hot potato’ and I’m not a massive fan of the jacket spud so I’ll leave it ta. Although I will say keep an eye on the Hackney Gazette as I believe they are running a full story about it soon. Oh, and in a slightly comedic twist of events, Gipsy’s have now moved into that yard. Probably a good job they removed that logo eh. Anyway, I wash my hands with the situation. Where was I? Oh yes.. Sod the weather. I hope those 2 days of sunshine weren’t our summer. In fact, sod it all eh, we’re all skint in these days of recession. But.. If you gotta paint, scrawl or doodle your way through this life then you’ll always find a way. Sometimes you just have to. This primal urge to leave a mark Is everywhere I look. Over the past couple of weeks my ever snapping phone has caught a few gems so I thought I’d share them with you. Graffiti comes in so many, many forms. It’s not just about spray paint or doing burners. There is lots more to see, you just gotta keep em peeled and you’ll see allsorts out here. From a toilet door in a pub to a building site fence down the road. There’s artistic gold (and sillyness) on every corner of every street in London. You should join in. It’s good for the soul. When you’ve finished reading this go and wack a sticker on your fridge.

So here’s a few bits and bobs I’ve spotted recently on my travels. Big shouts to Toof, Ed, Alter, A and A, Huh?, Public Spirit, Inkfetish, Toaster, Brass, Mo, ATG and all the other artists featured here.
Until next week! Stay up.. (And in fact forget a sticker, draw on your fridge. Honestly try it, It’s liberating.)


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