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Video Lovely: Milosh – Slow Down

Mike Milosh is a musician who resides part-time in LA, and the rest of the year in Berlin. He is signed to !K7 records and has been making music under his surname since around 2004, when he released his first record You Make Me Feel. His delicately constructed electronic instrumentals and hazy effeminate vocals combine to create stunning, sensual works of sonic art. “I have to admit that I have always had an intense attraction to songs that are sad, soft and beautiful,” he says. “I actually cried the first time I heard Albanoni’s adagio for strings (I was like 5) and it’s always stuck with me.”

Since his first record, Milosh has put out two other longplayers, iii (2008) and Meme (2010). Just over a week ago he released a video for a new track, ‘Slow Down’, from his soon-to-be-released fourth album. It features his wife, actress Alexa Nikolas, and you can watch it below. We recommend you also listen to and download his back catalogue, which you can find at his Bandcamp page – every song is gorgeous.

-Bronya Francis

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