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Joe Brummell #32– Hair Toppers

The exciting world of men’s hair doesn’t see many changes and trends, in fact post Mad Men there hasn’t been much happening at all, apart from the 50’s quiff. Thankfully there were a few stand out variations on the catwalks recently, so maybe things are changing. If you want new hair for spring then here are some of the best new men’s styles straight from the catwalk…

Acne – The hair at Acne is part bed hair and part ‘Hitler youth’. Dry and messy at the back with a slicked down fringe, pushed to the side. In fact a few models look like they might be using a hairpin, but that’s really up to you, can’t see it catching on myself. An easy one to try on those days when you jump out of bed, late for work, and only have time to comb the hair on the front of your hair.

Givenchy – The Givenchy boys managed to set their alarms correctly and had plenty of time to slick all of their hair down. But if that’s too boring for you there was a good amount of jewellery used to make up for it. I’ve actually had that part of my nose pierced and it’s very painful, so I don’t recommend it. It’s a classic look for male models, but can look a little severe on the average guy. Try with caution.

YSL – Stefano Pilati chose a hairstyle for his models that pushed past the 50’s do straight in the 40’s with a post-war look that complemented his tailoring. Shaved on the sides to keep it modern, the top is brylcreemed back for minimum fuss and maximum look. This is a low maintenance look – but you might want to keep a comb on you in case of emergencies.

-Warren Beckett


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