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Hazy mornings, stencils and rollerdubs, the search for milk

“It’s a sunsnake! arrghh! let’s get out of here” (in a french accent) I heard this morning as someone shouted it outside my window. Notably at a ‘it’s too early for shit like that’ kinda volume. Especially for a Monday. God bless the ravers eh. Upon venturing for any milky substance I could find to line one’s substance with, in somewhat of a daze i might add, my eye’s were to be awakened by two new ‘rather snazzy’ stencils nearby. Champion. And another day in the artistic capital of the world begins. Need milk tho still. Then a camera. I thought to myself. Shouts to Harky and the UPPERCUT crew for the party on Saturday, which in effect, had put me in such a spannered state for said morning. I got milk. Dying for a brew I then got a call and had to fly over to the train station only to find a rather surreal and chuckle worthy couple of names? or something. Brazened in a cream white on a dark panel the words ‘INCOMPRENSIBLE HORSE’ and ‘DINOSAUR SHOOTS’. Lolling to myself I presumed the artist meant incomprehensible, but maybe that’s the joke. Nonetheless I enjoyed the whole thought process of seeing it in itself. Jokes. That what we like. Jokes. It cheered me up. Back to the lab I strutted.

Post brew I had another look at the stencils. At first I thought they were C215, but upon a tweet convo. with a few online pals (Shouts to Zoot) I was informed they were FINDAC (Nuff respect) See the photo’s below. Really like these, a pleasure to find them so fresh on the street too. Two other artists depicted in the work, anyone see who they are?
There’s been a few nice new splashes occur about my wanderings in the last week (..or so, it’s fast out here in these streets you know!) Another relatively new piece in my current favourites box is the giant rollerdub of TYPE’s along the canalsides of Hackney Wick. It towers over the smaller dubs below including a nice VAMP dub. Love how tight the whole thing is, TYPE’s killing it as always. So many of these beasts in East London and they are in some truly spectacular spots, particularly on loads of eastside tracks. Respect goes out Mr. T. Sticker wise lately, gotta shout out whoever is doing these baby heads with a panel in the head filled with a variety of oddness. Looks like it could be master of the drips PUBLIC SPIRIT to me, maybe.. Anyone? Really love some of the colours they use and the whole thing is just an eerie yet totally interesting visual.

A visit to Vibe bar on Friday to see Jehst + Chemo Dj at Suspect Packages proved to be interesting on the street art hunt too. I haven’t been up there for a while, so much fresh stuff about. There’s a dope paste of a bear everywhere, bang tidy is the little (well relatively big) fella as he pops out from all angles on allsorts of walls and street furnishings . And tons of stickers are standardly layered everywhere. Notably a lot of DDF OZN and HOT BOYS in particular. But generally a wealth of stuff is going up down there as always. Good to see. I see me old mate TEMPO 33 has passed through, big up mate!

Well for another week this will be me signing off. The search for milk goes on. Keep it greasy people.

Stay up.



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