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Pati Yang! The new EP

Polish pop star Pati Yang is hoping to break the UK this year with her forthcoming fourth solo album. The songstress has had a busy career under different character since sixteen, her work under the Flykkiller received huge success in the UK and Europe but her solo work hasn’t reached the same heights in the UK.

Wires and Sparks is the first of two EPs due for release before the album and it reflects the current sound of synth pop where uptempo beats go hand-in-hand with catchy melodies, Joe Cross who worked on the Hurts debut has been involved on the record and you can tell with the huge sound and epic feel. European pop has shaken off it’s tacky reputation as mainland Europe has become more import for record sales in recent years and that has helped create interesting and diverse artists; from the leader of quirkiness, Bjork to current favourites Niki and the Dove. Yang has elements of both but you can hear Englishish-ness within her music, coming from her studies of music in London as a teen.

The four-track EP kicks off with the beat heavy Wires and Sparks. The drum features at a steady pace throughout as Pati’s soft vocals float over the top, it is pop with an atmospheric twist, a wall of sound fuelled by cosmic textures from the synthizer helping bring everything together. The upbeat chorus contrasts well with the straight-forward verse. Let It Go follows, it is dark, sparse at times, the drum beat thuds with aggression as the vocals come across quite chilling but there is still the sense of dream-like behaviour as Pati gets lost among the instruments.  Take A While begins with keys being pressed on a piano, leaving the vocals to tell the story, not just the lyrics but with the tone, as it gets going more instruments kick-in but it sounds more band-like rather than something electronic. The verse gets whispered like the deepest, darkest secret yet the chorus screams with passion, angst and desperation like she is holding on by her finger-tips. The final track on the EP, Breaking Waves is also led by the piano that partners her delicate vocals that at times sound child-like before breaking out into almost panic shouts. The flow for this would suit a film-track well as the steel drums bring eeriness to the song, it paints pictures.

Wires and Sparks is a promising EP with a strong portfolio showcasing the Polish artists skills, both as a vocalist and musician with a sense of pop progression without sacrificing anything.

-Matt Pinder

2 Comments on “Pati Yang! The new EP”

  • Tomasz Modzelewski March 16th, 2012 6:02 pm

    I’ve been listening to Pati since 2005 (Silent Treatment). Her music and creativity gets only better! Wires&Sparks is best so far in my opinion. Had a chance to run into her on the street in Brooklyn, very nice person!!!

  • Max April 29th, 2012 1:54 pm

    I found that “Wires and sparks EP” is available in digital stores. I bought it a few days ago and i can say that it’s an incredible job! Amazing!

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