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Giant Snow Globe?

To summarise: Shanghai, Alfred Dunhill, 16th March, Recreation, Spirit of London…and giant Snow globe. In one word the short spectacular performance named ‘Trafalgar.’ Hosted by Dunhill himself, this timelessly elegant piece in Trafalgar square, showcases a luxury men’s brand across 64 Asian models in a simulation of the four seasons.

The concept was a celebration of the Legacy, quality and durability of British menswear and style over the years and throughout the seasons, displaying House’s collection on an exceptional scale. A full year of weather condensed into one day; this was one of the longest CGI sequences ever made, mixing physical and unphysical art forms.

Alfred Dunhill chose to host this beautiful scene in China to pay respect to the astounding country and the creative vitality of the Shanghai city. Heightened by the sense of smell, this event was perfumed with the great Firmenich fragrance, given to Dunhill himself for his set. It is also accompanied by ‘Film Noir’ inspired lighting and the natural scent of rain to stimulate all your senses.

See the short film here in all its delicate glory and find out more on Alfred Dunhill’s magic on Facebook.

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