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100% Silky

Do you enjoy…Vampires, Magic, Heat and Dirty talk?! Because if so, you’ll love this! 100% Silk presents, at The Bristolian Showroom June 8th 2012, the relentless and absolutely smashing night of pure silk, sugar-highs, sweat-induced scuffling and dance floor glitz. Straight from LA, this party comes from Amanda Brown’s dance/not dance, glamorous, basement boogie repertoire.

Come explore the smashups, special guests and bounce of this superior session. Silky by name, Silky by nature; step up this summer to experience massive performances from…


A shape-shifting soundsystem of evolving vibe, slowed and screwed tape snippets, boombox Casio effects, and sensual voice patterns. Sounds fun right?

There’s more.


The single distorted creation of Daniel Martin McCormick (Mr.Sex Worker) showcasing immense dance of a rich, sexy, underground tapestry. The sound is dynamic with an individual, hot-off-the-press vibe.

 …Maria Minerva

A new Estonian pop sensation, fallen of the tracks to bring us some deep, intensifying, bedroom-ballad darkness. Pleasure-pain vocals submerged in synthetic sound and mystery.


A demi-god DJ from San Fran emitting waves of dance floor motivation, music for optimum movement and plenty of grooves. Transposing his sick live drumming skills into synthesizing and production, his set is not to be missed.


This lot are bringing heavy house, blended with down low disco and treats from every end of the spectrum. A naughty mix and a dance platform for lovemaking.

Get yourself down to this unmissable electric scene of lights, cameras, smoke and sweat! Watch the tour teaser here and listen to silk.

-Alix Blankson

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