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Joe Brummell #33– Anthony Sport

Spring is finally upon us, and although we should be wary of ‘peaking too soon’; it is time to start thinking about shorts and sunglasses. There are a few other things that need to be dealt with too. You might still be carrying Christmas weight, or panicking about how you’re going to look on the beach…but what does that have to do with moisturiser? Is there a skin care that can help you with the task at hand? Of course there is! Excessive sweating in the gym would be made a lot better without a moisturiser which melts off your face and into your eyes, right? Well Anthony for Men’s new range Anthony Sport solves a whole load of problems you didn’t even know were solvable.


For the Face Anthony Sport offer a Foaming Cleanser and a micro-sloughing Face Scrub, you can use one or both, depending on your skin type. The cleanser also prepares the skin for shaving while the scrub lifts the beard hairs up preventing ingrown hairs and minimizing irritation. The Lightweight Face Lotion is oil and lanolin free so it’s perfect in the gym (or on a sweaty tube journey). It also has an SPF15 and it’s a brilliant moisturiser for anyone with blackheads, t-zone problems or just generally oily skin.


For beard-haters and moustache-o-phobes the Anthony Sport  Shave collection features a full range of products that will ensure you don’t suffer any unnecessary irritation but also get a really close shave. First up is the Pre-Shave Oil that softens the hairs and lifts them up preventing any painful plucking.  Use the Shave Cream on top to ensure a close shave and just to be safe there’s an After Shave Repair to soothe and restore moisture.

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The Anthony Sport range doesn’t end with face products and shaving stuff – there are also a whole load of other goodies, perfect for an active lifestyle. There’s a brilliant Eye Cream (my must have product), a Lip Balm with SPF15 that would be perfect for joggers or anyone that doesn’t want to pack extra stuff for holidays. There’s even a quick-drying nourishing Hand Cream. Perfect for remedying the effect that pumping iron in the gym has on your hands. Or at least the effect I imagine it has.

-Warren Beckett

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