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Los Campesinos

Live review: Los Campesinos! – Electric Ballroom – 22nd March

If music was put into seasons then Los Campesinos! would be Spring/Summer as they disguise their dark lyrics with upbeat melodies and a chaotic stage presence. When the band released their fourth record, Hello Sadness last year it highlighted how far the Welsh band have grown as it stepped out of lust, sprung past love and captured heartbreak in its rawest form.

It was unexpectedly warm in Camden for the first day after winter left us, inside the sold-out Electric Ballroom it was flooding with sweaty hormonal teens as the seven-piece opened with By Your Hands, arguably their strongest song to date but the high-powered set never let slip for the following sixty plus minutes. With four albums of material they mostly stuck to fan-favourites, with a few of the moodier songs from their most recent album shoved in but that didn’t bother those watching.

The band kept talking of their appreciation of still being appreciated after six years. You! Me! Dancing! one of their very first songs was performed with so much enjoyment that lifted the room out of the grey clouds of previoud song, Tundra whilst The Sea Is A Good Place To Think About The Future was intense, showered by emotion. Los Campesinos! have the right attitude for a band, great anti-pop but for some reason they have struggled to break into the mainstream. One day they will be on-trend.

-Matt Pinder

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