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Joe Brummell #34 – Taylor Taylor

I think it might be the same for everyone, but there was a time when I thought I was the only person who had trouble finding a good hairdresser. Even if you do find one you like, usually (no more than a few appointments in) you call the salon, only to be told your stylist doesn’t work there anymore.There should be laws about this kind of stuff. The other problem is where to go – friend’s recommendations are a good place to start but choose wisely, don’t like the hair? Don’t try the salon. Luckily for you (you have to imagine my own beautiful hair at this point) I’ve been doing the hard work on your behalf. Having received a super smart summer style at Taylor Taylor I can tell you there’s only one place to go…Getting a haircut should be something you look forward to, not dread. Taylor Taylor makes the whole experience a pleasure from the luxurious gold room to the upstairs bar and friendly staff. What more could you want? Well in case you’re after inspiration or the inside scoop I asked stylist Zara Toppin for some hints and tips on top summer styles, how to do it at home and advice for making sure you get what you want from your stylist.

Top summer styles for men

We have seen a real shift from the ‘styled’ finishes of last season and the excessive uses of product, to a more relaxed, carefree attitude. Slicked styles have become (thoughtfully) dishevelled, using matt finishes and powder waxes that don’t give away that they are in the hair.  It’s important to make sure that the edges (sides and back) are kept sharp, whilst the top a bit more relaxed. Men’s styles are mirroring the freshness of spring/summer and the warmer weather – coats are unbuttoning and the look is effortless; along the lines of spending more time enjoying the outdoors than doing your hair.

How to style it at home

Don’t overstyle or overdo it with product. Invest in a good quality wax that doesn’t look greasy.  Aveda’s Grooming Clay is excellent or try using Schwarzkopf Dust It – a powder wax which you sprinkle into the roots for a textured yet matt finish.

Tips for visiting a salon

Crucially with men’s hair, the whole look can change within a few millimetres, so it’s really important that you explain in detail what length you are looking for, especially through the sides and back. Pictures can always help illustrate an idea that you may have. Most importantly though, relax and enjoy the experience.

Hair tips by Zara Toppin at Taylor Taylor London


-Warren Beckett

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