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BOTW Review: Polica – Give You The Ghost

Considering Poliça only came into existence in June of last year, it’s a wonder this hastily put together album is listenable at all. But then Minneapolis-based group are no inexperienced young things. The main musician here is Ryan Olsen of Gayngs, a soft-rock-inspired project that featured numerous collaborators, including Justin Vernon of Bon Iver and Har Mar Superstar. Olsen was so impressed with one associate, Channy Leneagh, it seems they decided to start their own little number.

Give You The Ghost doesn’t stray far from the territory already mapped by Gayngs; Straddling a hypnotic groove as in ‘I See My Mother’, with tinges of rhythm and blues, at times, it’s hard not to recall British trip-hop trio Kosheen, as uncool as that may be to admit. But it’s Leaneagh’s heavily auto-tuned vocals that make the songs different.

A mishmash of genres, Poliça grab various influences – ‘Violent Games’ twists ethereal folk with drum and bass beats – and make it seem something quite unusual. The gun-shot drums on ‘Form’ batter into the consciousness, while the dreamy ‘Lay Your Cards Out’ ebbs and flows, dark and heavy.  All in all, the alien, otherworldly sounds of Give You The Ghost are truly captivating.

-Louise McHenry

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