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Farah Vintage: Pastel Chinos

Avoid following the crowd of Chino wankers this spring and opt for something.. a lil more colourful and better fitting. This season, Farah celebrates its rich heritage in legwear with an exclusive collection of the men’s summer safety net – chinos. Farah Vintage present a choice of eight muted hued pastels. And if you insist on sticking with the standard colours, there’s also some beaut cuts in navy and grey.

Their brethren Farah have been producing work esque wear since the 20s but it wasn’t until the 1970’s when Farah Vintage first reached the UK, and where every man and his dog adopted the Farah ‘Slack’.

The clean cut utilitarian inspired trouser with stain resistant features, produced from Hopsack canvas, made the brand a uniform for the British youth culture of the time. This appreciation for Farah legwear has remained strong in the UK over the past 40 years, as the ‘Slack’ has since been the main stay of Mod attire adorned by legends such as Paul Weller in the 80’s and for Britpop followers in the 90’s.

The new wave of chinos are available from www.farah.co.uk and Farah Boxpark.

Words – Helen Turnbull
Photos – Exposure

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