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At the end of the day, a good song is a good song, right? Yes, it helps if the musician performing it has a listenable voice, talent and a “good look” (whatever that might mean) but, ultimately, it usually boils down to whether the textual intercourse between lyrics and music works. And it’s jolly good fun when it does work because you get stuff like The Conqueror, the sorta-kinda new single from Sweden’s latest forlorn-pop provider, Beatrice Eli.

This song has been doing the rounds since last year but, with a new video, it is now getting a renewed push and deservedly so.

The chorus alone is worth the money, but not exclusively so. Eli’s voice is hard-hitting and works fantastically with the hooking beat. Also, there’s something about the way she sings, which reminds us of another favourite Swedish songstrel, Jenny Wilson. And that’s no bad thing, kids.

Now, remember that interplay between lyrics and music we were babbling on about earlier? We think Eli got it spot on. Favourite lyric here is “kiss me like you’d bring life back to me”.

And if you liked that, here’s Eli giving the song an acoustic twist:

For more information on Beatrice Eli check out her Facebook page.

Doron Davidson-Vidavski

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