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NEWSIC: Becoming real…Oh so real

I’m held in a wonderland of electronic suspense, atmospheric sound bites and a slow forward surge of the music before the beat drops. Not only is this song steadily yet energetically charged, it is also one catchy bugger! After the first few vocal inserts, you find your feet tappin’ and your head fully taken over with nothing but the song. It is pure layered beauty!

Becoming Real has created this song ‘Snow Drift Love’ and it is exactly that. The artist takes influences from a stark sonic electronic grime, European techno palette and iDJ describe his work as an ‘intricate tapestry of beats interwoven on top of each other, creating something that is at once totally abstract and bewilderingly intriguing.’

If you want further proof supporting their unusually fantastical genre:

“Becoming Real songs sound like they’re undergoing a miraculous metamorphosis, as though they’ve awoken from uneasy dreams to find themselves transformed into something monstrous and amazing.” NME

Starting out in the Suburbs of South London in 2010 and creating a magic defined by UK garage, intermittent vocals, funk and techno, Toby Ridler has since released with Tough Love Records, Not Even, RAMP Recordings and his own Cold War Industries Label. Not only this, he was recognised exponentially, mesmerising crowds during SBTRKT’s tour, as their popular support act.

He has created a name for himself already and his mini album is a strong blend of his work up to date and enriching warmer sounds on a broader scale. Exciting stuff indeed; we heart Toby!

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-Alix Blankson

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