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Joe Brummell #35 – Beardsley

If you were thinking this post was about Peter Beardsley, or how to get the Peter Beardsley look, then you’ll be disappointed. Although I’m pretty sure demand for Peter Beardsley style tips is pretty low, no offence Peter. Beardsley happens to be a new shampoo and conditioner brand that has all but answered my prayers. Why? Well, its shampoo and conditioner for beards and moustaches!

Facial hair is slightly different to the hair on your head. It’s generally thicker and coarser so normal shampoo and conditioner doesn’t quite cut it. It really doesn’t taste very good either, it’s no way to start your day. If you’re using your normal cleanser on the beard you’ll leave your facial hair feeling brittle and looking dull. This will make your facial hair more irritating as well. Beardsley’s mild-flavoured botanical formula has solved all of these problems.

If you’re thinking that a shampoo and conditioner for your facial hair seems unnecessary then you have obviously never grown a beard. When you stop shaving your skin begins to gather dead skin cells than would normally be removed by the razor. These become trapped in the beard and also in the hair shaft itself, leaving the hair looking dull and the skin below itchy and uncomfortable. That might be ok if you’re a Hells Angel, but for the modern gent it’s a real concern. I suppose we’ll have to wait 10 years before they invent and Wash N’ Go, 2-in-1 version, until then “Take four bottles into the shower?” I guess I do.

Available from www.murdocklondon.com

Words- Warren Beckett

Header artwork- Alix Blankson

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