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VIDEO EXCLUSIVE: Clark- Black Stone

A stunningly, peaceful and delicate solo piano composition and short film, the 5 minutes and 17 seconds are comprised of spookiness, nature, sadness and vulnerability. We’d say it’s mystifyingly sorrowful.  The entire duration of the video is gripping and in conclusion, you feel empathetic and bewildered.  It is truly lovely, focusing on natural, simplistic beauty and raw talent in sound and visuals.  This heartfelt project was directed by The Vikings to accompany the gorgeous Iradelphic audio, by Warp records. The Vikings stated “We’ve always loved Clark’s music. The same clandestine force runs all the way from Clarence Park through to Iradelphic: a beautiful and eternal undercurrent that will continue to supersede classification. We wanted to highlight this timeless aspect of his Clark’s craft.”

The wondrous album can be ordered here and further information on The Vikings can be found here.

Clark- Black Stone : A timeless, magically tragic tale.

-Alix Blankson

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