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BOTW Review: JONQUIL- Point of go

I played the first track of this new album ‘Point Of Go’ and thought it was bloody brilliant! I was initially met with unusual album artwork cover content with a vintage sprinkled, propaganda-like, and mildly de-saturated image collage. The message, I was unsure of, but the music itself spoke volumes.

Jonquil consists of a four-piece boy-band; Dominic Hand, Hugo Manuel, Robin McDiarmid and Sam Scott, which can only really be described as a Bombay Bicycle club, Vampire weekend (mixed with a dash of Futureheads vocal style) family member. Combining chirpy piano arrangements, electric keyboard trills, melodic patterns, electric sounds and occasional harmonies, Jonquil have created 11 tracks of warming optimism.

The first album track ‘Swells’ contains a backing voice similar to that of the lead singer of Editors, piano chord progressions can be likened to that of Regina Spektor’s and ‘History of Headaches’ has a Semisonic ‘Secret Smile’ vibe; soothing, slow and intensely electric. The track ‘Run’ reminds me of PSAPP’s ‘Rear Moth’; bouncy, cute and creative.

However, my ultimate album track favourite is ‘It’s My Part,’ with a electric guitar, marimba riff similar to a Vampire Weekend tune. It’s modern, arty, flowery and easy listening. There isn’t anything more I would want for a summer’s day picnic soundtrack. To give it a bit of recent context, if you listen to Kings Of Leon’s latest album ‘Come around Sun Down’ and play track 8 named ‘Beachside,’ you will know exactly what I mean.

Our rating 8.7/10.  (the lack of the 1.3 due to no Pimms and Lemonade in Hand and the office setting)

-Alix Blankson

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