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Joe Brummell #36 – Best Foot Forward

I won’t bore you with the depressing reality of British summers, because regardless of the actual weather we Brits love nothing more than dressing for summer anyway, who cares if it’s raining? A fleeting burst of sunlight will have plenty of people running to the park in shorts and flip flops. And while most people may only be worried about SPF (as you should be) does anyone stop to think whether or not their feet are up to the job?

Months of being smothered in thick socks and big boots will definitely have had an impact on your feet, so before you reach for the Havaianas, give them a look over. Dry skin? Cracked heels? More than likely. There’s nothing that can obliterate the appeal of a well turned out gent as quickly as, for want of a better term, skanky feet. So if a pedicure seems like overkill, don’t worry, because as ever, there are plenty of products that can put a spring back in your step.

Gehwol might sound like a German speaker system that would blow your face clean off, but it’s actually a company devoted to making your feet look and feel good. Gehwol Foot Cream keeps the skin of your feet deodorised and disinfected, protects against sore feet, infections, foot odour, calluses and other foot mishaps leaving feet smooth and blemish-free. Natural oils from eucalyptus, rosemary, lavender, and thyme revitalise your feet and increase their performance.

For anyone whose feet suffer due to medical conditions or anyone who has foot problems all year round – there’s no need to suffer. Maybe you’ve never even had the joy of wearing flip flops, and recoiling with horror when you see how dirty your feet can get after trudging around outdoors all day, practically barefoot. Gehwol’s Foot Bath might sound like something your Grandmother would do, but it will totally revitalise your feet, ready for that hasty purchase of stupidly expensive sandals. The foot bath softens calluses and corns and cleanses skin to the pores, keeping it resistant and smooth. If the current trend for bare ankles persists, we’ll all be doing it.

Gehwol also make a range of deodorants, nail compounds, powders, salves, nail creams and ingrown toenail fluids, so there is no excuse for foot faux pas. Podophiles rejoice!


-Warren Beckett

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