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Joe Brummell #37 – Ren

So this week Notion’s Editor thought he’d have a go at guesting on Joe Brummell. But DO NOT BE ALARMED. Normal service will be resumed next week. For now, read on…

It’s far too easy to get into a morning routine with shaving. Especially if you’re running late, there’s always a temptation to shave quickly and accidentally nicking yourself. Also, I have a terrible habit of not changing my razor blade often enough. And after early experimentation with higher-end alternatives I now use properly basic shaving foam. But, all this has now changed. It’s time to shave properly, like a man, rather than a teenager.

I’ve always been a big fan of Ren’s range of low-impact and naturally-derived products, in fact, I swear by their eye gel It’s something that I take to festivals, get laughed at for extravagance, and by the end of the festival everyone is obsessed with it. So I was happy to trial their shaving products. The Tamanu High Glide Shave Oil is rich and unctuous, covering the beard area easily. I started off using far too much; this is one product where a little will definitely go a long way. Perhaps unsurprisingly, it actually provides a much closer shave than my cheapo foam, with the added bonus that it left my skin feeling soft, rather than raw. Also, despite that lack of protective foam, the oil means that nicking yourself is pretty hard. And with my ham-fists, I tried…

Anyway, once done, there’s also a fantastic post-shave moisturiser. I’ve always maintained that it’s the most important product for men, simply because it’s the most affected area of skin on your body on a daily basis if you shave. Ren’s Multi-Tasking After Shave Balm is creamy and really thick, so as with the oil, you don’t need a lot and it goes a long way. Again, it left my skin feeling fab, and uber-protected against the vile weather we’ve had the past few weeks.

Anyway, what it boils down to is that shave oil should definitely be a consideration if you’re looking for a closer shave. And if you want somewhere to start, I can’t think of anywhere better than Ren.


-Seb Law

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