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FLY53 Alternative Olympics Tees

The Olympics, they’re everywhere from posters on the tube to features in the paper and no matter how hard you try it’s impossible to escape the sporty grasp of the upcoming games. However, for those less sport and more style inclined, we have something both relieve you and express your enthusiasm (or perhaps more appropriately, lack of). Enter FLY53, as much renowned for their playful nature as they are their rebellious style.

Subverting the traditional prim and proper formalities of the Olympics, FLY53′s newly released T-Shirt prints feature the iconic six ring emblem in a somewhat subverted way. One print, bearing the tongue-in-cheek name ‘enhanced performance’, features a considerably edgy take on just that. The other, only slightly more restrained, is what we like to call the ‘lazy man’s’ approach to the Olympics. Coffee mug stains and strewn cigarettes, although neatly arranged into the Olympic symbol, point to less running and more lounging.

‘Enhanced performance’, in white and yellow colourways, and ‘Zero Athletics’, in white and grey, are available online now and are the perfect addition to your wardrobe this Olympic season.




-Brad Palmer

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