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Late Summer Bliss: End of the Road Festival 2012

Have you ever just wanted to get away? Like really get away and escape the chaos of life? Take a satisfying, scenic road trip and pitch a tent somewhere lush and green to just chill out listening to the sound of the blending harmonies of nature with all your favourite folk and indie bands?

To not have a care in the world is bliss, and a mere three days will do the trick—distracting you from you from the stresses of work, traffic and all of ancillary junk in your life.

Well, as summer starts to fade into autumn you will be able to do just that, because far, far away from the hustle and bustle of the city, and the crazy synth-pop, dubstep club music we’re surrounded by, lies the various tunes of all your favourite folk, indie and psychedelic pop artists—The End of the Road.

A different setting, or another world rather, this annual event is unlike your typical summer music festival with massive crowds long and lines. The End of the Road sets a more intimate tone. Selling a marginal 1000 tickets year, it’s the perfect event to wind down the summer.  With good local and organic food, thirst quenching ales and nothing but good fun, this event is one that will send you into a tranquil tier of life you have yet to discover. Layers upon layers of culture and entertainment occupy the serene natural atmosphere of the Larmer Tree Gardens but the wild peacocks are an added bonus.

Originating in 2006, this independent festival is a three-day celebration of the simple things in life that bring nothing but happiness and good vibes. Four music stages, comedy, workshops and literature talks in the woods are just a few of the goodies in store. Noted for its small size and warm, friendly environment this festival is the perfect way to top of the 2012 summer.

It’s one of those kinds of festivals where you won’t be wrapped up in which band or artist will be the highlight of the weekend, because this event will showcase a variety of talents from all over the globe. The plethora of North American based indie-rock sounds feature Grizzly Bear—one of the only laid back, non-electric groups signed by Warp Records, The Strange Boys—the alternative, stylistic garage rock band, and the brilliant violinist Marques Toliver. But what would this event be if we didn’t represent some of our own? Some of our UK and European favourites include: the neo-folk sounds of The Pictish Trail, the French vintage inspired Concrete Knives, Sweedish singing sisters First Aid Kit and many more. This is sure to be a fusion of musical talents bringing a wave of relaxation.

For six years strong, the carefully selected line-up has not failed to hail spectators from all over the world and in 2011, won the award of ‘Best Small Festival’ in the UK, and rightfully so. The magical, light hearted atmosphere keeps the audience enticed in the enchanted green space. From some of the most well-known folk artists to undiscovered harmonious gems, the assortment of talent is one that you will be disappointed to miss.

Check out the End of the Road Festival website to purchase your tickets and for more details on the 2012 line-up.

Let the good vibes flow and don’t miss out on this comfy, carefree, end of summer event!


-Brittany Moten

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