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It’s all about HOUSE 2012, the Brightonian visual arts fest

Brighton this year is set to hold the biggest visual arts festival at Pheonix in May! Hurrah! Not only do we love anything weird, wonderful and arty farty here at NOTION, but we also enjoy changing places from London once in a while. So this time it’s on the beautifully breezy South Coast. With an amazing array of multidisciplinary arts within a whole month, this event will showcase the contemporary David Batchelors luminous artwork along with an absorbing Patrick Hamilton 3-d adaptation. Moreover, Helene Kazan’s heartfelt film of a domestic struggle set in the politically volatile Lebanon will be a key feature.

HOUSE 2011 attracted over 11,000 visitors in 8 days and is set to be even bigger this year! Brighton’s curation will captivate a massive audience with fine art from David Batchelor, outdoor wallpapaper designs running through the streets from Deb Bowness and an immersive literary installation by artist and Cine City directors Tim Brown & Anna Deamer. Do not miss this culturally enriching event. It is something new to experience if you are not already an arts fan too!

Other event names include Robin Blackledge a totemic consumer packaging artist and Caroline Le Breton brings the outside inside, with carpeted installations and domestic interventions on a central Brightonian green.


Across Brighton & Hove; Phoenix Gallery, Regency Town

House, University of Birmingham

Exhibition Dates: 5th – 27th May 2012

Guest Curator: Celia Davies

Lead Artist: David Batchelor

See these lovely links for more information:

Idea Generation for online press office, AOH further info/contacts and Pheonix for company contacts.

-Alix Blankson

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