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Joe Brummell #38 – Browsing for Brows

My drama teacher once told me that my eyebrows were as expressive as Roger Moore’s, and while Roger managed to make a whole career out of that – I never had any such luck. Sure dramatic and expressive eyebrows are a blessing but as I get older the only expression they seem to convey is one of dismay. If you think your grooming regime only needs to make sure that your eyebrows don’t meet in the middle (you’re meant to have two, not one you see) then the passing of time will prove you wrong. You see at some point, random eyebrow hairs forget that they are meant to stop growing at a certain length; on top of that the whole eyebrow area begins to expand upwards, downwards – in every direction in fact.

Dealing with this problem on your own is pretty tricky. Trimming, plucking and waxing are all options but think about it like this – If you cut your own hair at home how would you expect it to look? Dreadful – exactly, so why assume you can tame your own brows? There are experts in this field for a reason – because we need them.  You’ll find these experts at Benito Brow Bar, which has recently opened new concession in Debenhams on Oxford Street. Using the ancient Indian art of threading, a piece of cotton is used to remove each individual unruly hair by the root. Benito’s exclusive male grooming treatments aren’t limited to eyebrows either; they can also thread the hairs off your knuckles and hands. Caveman to Gentleman in one easy step.

If you still have reservations then let me put your mind at ease. The treatment will be tailored to your specific needs and requests. If you’re like me you’ll be terrified of coming away from the brow bar looking like what is best described as a ‘startled drag queen’, Benito’s know what they are doing so don’t worry. The grooming booths are private and the frosted glass will stop nosy shoppers from staring at you. Still worried? You think it’s too expensive? Nonsense, the prices start at £5 and with a walk-in policy there is no need to make an appointment. My expressive brows are trembling with excitement. Take that Roger Moore!

-Warren Beckett

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