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Introducing: Helium Robots

This band specialise in awkwardly fun, fizzy, willy wonka tunes and remixes, dedicated to their spooky robotic fashion. They have an abstract debut album out named Voltopia which is a 10 track amalgamation of mix ups, weirdness and crazy fun! The band sound like they are having a blast and masses of instrumental fun with each song on this record and aim to intrigue and bewilder. Doubling in size since the great success of their 2007 Metallic Dawn and Long Lost single releases, the band comprises of Ewan and Lydia. Raised on a diet of pianos and a shared love for electronic music, prepared to be amazed by the duo’s folk, instrumental, layered, digital spectrum of work.

Remixes include Lana Del Ray’s Video Games and a particular song favourite of ours from Voltopia to listen out for is Pearly. It’s rather smashing with gleaming pearly white catchy tuneful ways and oriental instrumental riffs.

Lydia the vocalist adds mystery and ghostly ambiences to Helium Robot tracks with her airy, minor singing style, whilst maintaining high pitches and performing spooky complimentary harmonies. The tick tock of subtle backing beats adds a technological stance to their music, whilst Ewan’s pianist talents resound through the majority of their debut record. It is out now on THIS IS MUSIC, so why not sample their stuff! We particularly like the old-school sounding keyboard that takes on the primary melody in a lot of their tracks. The kind that was definitely invented before technology could keep up and it was about the size of your QWERTY keyboard, echoing that buzzy, limited, tinny sound with each note played.  No doubt you’ll be amazed by their individuality and imagination whilst being perplexed at the same time. It’s I.E.H.E- instrumental, experimental, hyper electronica. Try something out the box; this is new age to the extreme, just like robots on helium you could say?

Take a gulp of helium here on Soundcloud.

-Alix Blankson

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