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Let the Creative Juices Flow: Endmor II- Limbo

The great thing about art is that it is ever evolving, and despite both positive and negative reactions to the change, new creative opportunities are always rising. Celebrating this idea, the Endmore Art collective is hosting their second exhibition that will defy any reservations you had about young artists. From musicians, to craftsmen, fine artist to technicians, Endmore began as a group of seven artists from South London who have taken a more modern spin on art—in all its forms.

Serving as the opposition to contemporary art, these youthful souls (all under the age of 20), developed the inspiration for the work during a visit to the Royal Academy Exhibition last July 2011. Now just shy of one year later, they are sharing their creative vibes with you on 28th April as they exhibit their work at Tower Bridge Studios. Yet, this will be more than just a stroll through a gallery gazing a pretty pictures. It will be an Endmore Collective experience featuring music, drinks and much, much more. Acts to be expected include:

Alice Barlow                          Hanna Williams

Haraket                                   Joe Inman Project

Sasha Keable                         Nicola Tomas

Psylus                                       South Paw

Sam TM

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-Brittany Moten

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