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Pure Gold with ‘Still Silver’ – Diode and Rick Holland’s new release

Featured once before on Planet Notion with their first video preview, Diode and Rick Holland have returned with more bewitching brilliance. If you liked Open Blue ft. Beth Rowley, there is no doubt their new release ‘Still Silver’ will captivate you to new absorbing levels with a haunting twist. It doesn’t necessarily outshine their previous track but has further refinement, shady elegance and advanced mesmerising powers. Still Silver is intense, subtle and entrancing, with raw austerity added by Chris James’ stylistic vocals. If you appreciate powerful electronica with gloomy undertones and participation of dark magic, you’ve got it right here. It’s like the black swan of the group. It really is electrifying and undetectably infectious; the beginning, true of the song and video, is suspicious and foreboding, but when the beat slips in you are instantly hooked- drawn in by the song’s alluring prowess. What is more, the grey black context of the video adds awesome drama and atmosphere, setting the scene for something evocative.

Still Silver is full of slow drones and sustained minor notes overlaid onto a ticking, steady, intrusive beat. Vocals are softly exquisite and you are constantly left craving more from the voice after the singer has ended each phrase. Choruses exhibit Chris James’ higher range, which adds spookiness and diversity to this gripping track, whilst scaled lightening slashes of synthesized notes rip into the shyness of the emotive background music.

The track is dark, addictive and precious, with Diode and Rick Holland showcasing, what we don’t think is even yet nearing the peak of their potential. They are one magic duo, growing their ability and creativity with each masterpiece they make. Stay tuned and keep up with this fearless, talented ensemble; they are not a collaboration to take for granted. This track is out April 30th on WW Records.

-Alix Blankson

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