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Introducing: Violet

I was hesitant to write about Violet for a while. It’s Pixie Geldof’s baby, and a very hyped one at that. I didn’t want to write about it just because it was a British it-girl/model’s new venture – and a lot of people did write about it for that reason.

But after some consideration, I’ve come to some sort of opinion on the band. I wasn’t keen on Violet’s premier track ‘Y.O.U.’ – at over four minutes and with no dramatic climaxes or troughs or gimmicks, I found it quite bland as a debut. After listening further, listening to the better, second track ‘I Come Undone‘, and reading a bit more behind the story of the songs, something became quite clear: this is no more than a project of an amateur young musician and songwriter. It has probably had more attention than it should do early on – Violet’s music is very much slow to burn, simmering hazily over a hypothetical fireplace. The first songs they’ve put out on the internet are not knock-out singles but tasters of what could be a perfectly reasonable debut album. Violet have potential to be a good new band and I would happily have a record of their songs on in the background whilst I do the washing on a Sunday, or whilst I’m reading a book before I go to bed.

But people shouldn’t be so hasty to jump on the Geldof bandwagon, just because of her name, her face or her heritage. Hype’s starting to get in the way of many bands’ career paths; I hope soon that critics will take the time to assess something before they jump to any conclusions based on just one track and one press shot. In this particular case, I think Pixie’s actually started something quite good. Not mind-blowing, but still quite good.

-Bronya Francis

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