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Berlin Club guide c/o Zombie Disco Squad

I feel Berlin still has a nihilistic hangover resulting from the tension of being the epicentre of the Cold War. I was too young to go to Berlin in the dark days before the wall fell or in the post wall aftermath but if you hang out in certain parts East of the city, you definitely still get a sense of it.

In places with political tension there are often great clubs; Tel Aviv springs to mind. In Berlin these days things are generally very pleasant in the city, however I think in the clubs you still get a taste of what it is to party like there’s no tomorrow.

In case you are wondering why Berghain/Panorama bar has been omitted in this club guide, it always tops everyone’s Berlin club guide and for that reason alone, I’m not going to include it. They don’t like being written about and there is already enough on them on the interweb to keep you busy for ages. All I will say is it’s great, don’t go to the dark room unless you like man on man and the ice cream is awesome.

Top 10 Berlin Clubs

1. Watergate - Much like Panorama Bar, this club is normally heralded by international hedonists as one of the best, and I would have to agree with them. It is a bit easier to get into than Panorama Bar so it will normally have a bit more of a tourist/ Berliner mix, but it loses nothing for that. It generally has amazing line-ups, the atmosphere is electric and you can easily pop in for a half hour and leave two days later.

2. Ritterbutzke - Pretty much always full with a ‘up for it’ crowd. I played with Rampa here the other week and the place went off. Great place.

3. Kater Holzig – I don’t really know what the connection between here and Bar 25 is – I think it’s the same owners – but don’t hold me to that. Since Bar 25 finally closed, this place has taken over the reins as a hedonists delight. As with all of Berlin, sleep isn’t really a option here.

4. Weekend – Situated in a old soviet block on around the 10th floor, this club has a mind-blowing view out over Mitte (especially if you have been on it for a few days) and a program to match.

5. Wilde Renate – My native Berliner agent swears by this place – It has a eccentric decor and keeps a fun house party vibe.

6. Arena – It sits on the water and is well worth a look in during the summer months when they have a nice little floor outside. There are two rooms inside, one massive and a good sized second. I have actually only played in the second (the large room is not open the whole time) and it was a blast. Great crowd, tough soundsystem. good atmosphere

7. Suicide Circus – This place scares me a little. The Wednesday party is the one I have been to a few times and I am often suspicious that a large portion of the crowd haven’t been to sleep since the previous weekend. There is pretty much always great house and techno on here and in the summer months they have a really nice outdoor dance floor.

8. Tresor – Alas, Tresor had to move from it’s original location (which was legendary) but the new location is well worth seeing, especially if you you’re your techno.

9. Horst  – A very intimate space, just a dance floor and a bar really. The lighting in this place is hypnotic. The drinks are good and you can defiantly loose your mind on the dance floor.

10. Charles Bronson – Ok so this is actually in a place called Halle – a very small town an hour’s train ride away from Berlin. But although not technically in Berlin, in my mind, it definitely earns a spot in the Berlin top ten clubs. Monkey Safari run the club and frequently book great acts.

-Nat Self aka Zombie Disco Squad

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