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Introducing: Cinnamon Girl

The music industry has always loved a good mystery. What happened to Jim Morrison? Will The Smiths EVER get back together? Why does a Google search for Cinnamon Girl only seem to return Neil Young lyrics? The latter of these is, we hope, a mystery that will be solved when Cinnamon Girl storms the charts in the next few months.

There isn’t much information on Cinnamon Girl. So much so that the only things we know for sure are that she is a she, Camilla Roholm to be exact, and she makes big, Gwen Stefani-esque pop songs. Oh, and she’s pretty great at it, too, but that goes without saying.

Her only output to date is a few songs on Soundcloud and a couple of accompanying videos, yet the buzz surrounding her is increasing by the day and she’s starting to cause quite a stir on the blogs.

Catch her early, as Cinnamon Girl won’t be playing second fiddle to Neil Young on Google for much longer.

- Matt Mansfield

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