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Live Review: Milton Jackson and Washerman

The usual, the usual…I wasn’t quite sure what could possibly be the usual here.  The last time I had visited the nondescript (at least from the outside) Hackney Wick warehouse it had been kitted out with a mini-ramp, make-shift half-pipe, several lasers and a fog machine.  This night’s particular fete promised 300+ attendees, the Ninebar sound-system and two internationally renowned House DJ’s—Milton Jackson of the UK and Washerman of Switzerland. One thing was for sure—I was in for an epic night.

All I had to do was follow the pissing strangers, littered beer cans, and the faint throb of music to find the warehouse.  The inside of the venue was nearly writhing from wall to wall with people by the time I arrived.  The DJ’d  set of house music was on full blast and the drink vouchers were being bought and redeemed at a hectic pace.  At £5 for 2 pints it was not bad at all. Glittery facepaint ensured that festive faces turned into laser-powered human disco-balls.  That is, until the power shut briefly… overloaded from the lights and sound-system.  The entire crowd was plunged into momentary booing darkness until the fuze-box was found and the party-goers instantly threw themselves into motion and cheering.

The night started out with a long and energetic set DJ’d by the young Italian Producer, Johnny Fiore.  Fiore has his own popular weekly radio show, feelingmandy.FM.  A little closer to one a.m. the Headliner from Zurich, Washerman, took to the turntables.  His intense and atmospheric style of deep house and tech house was infectious.  He had been flown out especially for this event and just a track or two like those from “Basement Chord” were enough to know why reviewers seem to keep going back for more.  The party didn’t seem like it was ever going to run out of steam.

While the energy was unmistakable, the event didn’t quite make it to its intended 6 a.m. closing time.  Only the first two of the line-up managed to play their sets.  A combination of factors may have tipped officials off to the not-quite-legal party: the absolutely massive sound-system, the wandering out-of-place crowds or the inevitable scuffles (one man had to be forced out the door by four events-staff).  But most of all there was the fact that the Olympic stadium had been built nearby.  No parties had been shut for months until the council decided that Hackney should maybe be cleaned up a little, despite the fact that this underground music culture had been thriving for far longer than they might have realised.

The night wound down with chatter and laughter even as the lights brightened and everyone began to filter up the stairs and into the empty chill streets of Hackney Wick.  The folks at Unwanted don’t seem to be discouraged by their first bust.  This event is the kick-off for a series of underground warehouse events to be hosted throughout the summer.  I can only wish them the best of luck and sign myself up to their mailing list.  Even these few hours spent at the launch event are enough to know that the rest have the potential to be bigger, better, and have just as much gritty, frantic and exclusive flavour.  Cheers to Unwanted, can’t wait to see the rest of the line-ups.

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- April Whitlow

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