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Introducing: Leisure

American buzz-bands seem to be ten-a-penny at the moment – particularly the sun-kissed California bands that seem to dominate the press (I’m thinking The Drums, Girls, Real Estate, last week’s introducing band Library Voices). Leisure could quite easily be the next 0ne.

Leisure are Jed Rouhana and Sam Hamad, a two-piece from Boston who make, you guessed it, sun-kissed indie rock. But this predictability isn’t necessarily a bad thing.

Their languid pace is far more suited to a hot summer park than, say, The Drums’ frenetic brand of guitar pop, and they’re certainly a more relaxed proposition than a band like Girls. They also have a couple of fantastic songs in their oeuvre. Tracks like The Invisible Hand and newbie Plastic Soul hit you like a cooling breeze, which, in this weather, can’t be a bad thing, and track Follow Me seems destined to be a festival smash, if not this summer then one very soon.

Leisure release their debut album, Plastic Soul, on June 18th, and it’s well worth looking out for.

- Matt Mansfield

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