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Stream: Rufus Wainwright album track

Are you a fan of Rufus Wainwright? If so, then this is probably going to interest you.

Although his album’s been out for a while, we have a stream of album track “Song of You”, complete with Rufus’ own words on how the song was made, which you can read below the stream.

Rufus said:

My partner, Jorn, wouldn’t stop complaining that he needed a song about himself. Of course, now it’s his favorite. Again, it’s about being in a relationship and how you have to work on it and strive and search and explore.

We recorded the vocal on the roof in Montauk, overlooking the ocean at night. I wasn’t getting it, in the studio or in the house, so we went out on the roof and I sang it to nature. It’s no wonder so many great love songs are technically demanding—the real killer moments are usually these vocal acrobatic things that mirror the reality of being in love, and all that you have to do, and all that it brings.

What do you think of the track? What do you think of the album? Let us know!

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