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To See At Lovebox: Notion Picks Saturday

Here’s our second round of Notion’s selection of acts that you should definitely be at the front row for this weekend at Lovebox. Saturday sees old school and new school pop share the spotlight; keep on readin’ for our artist recommendations.


Crazy P

Crazy P (or Crazy Penis in full) is a direct translation of a record named Loco Pinga which they came across around the time the group formed. The electro troupe is a club and festival staple – and has been so since the mid-nineties. If you didn’t know that already, you need to – well – listen to more dance music, quite frankly. Look out for the crazy girl with a ribbon in her hair shouting profanities with aurally-induced elation at this gig. That’ll be me.


Friendly Fires

Friendly Fires are unique in that they straddle all sorts of generations in terms of appealing to the music taste of the mass population. The Fires gained credibility through the teen Skins crowd in the mid-noughties but were equally loved by the older indie lot in their twenties – they were a band that united two tribes that should have opposed one another. This alchemic unification transformed the band into an albums and singles chart regular. Try and think of someone who doesn’t like this group. Bet you can’t. When every young person in a Friendly Fires live crowd sings along to the words of ‘Paris’ it’s a magical moment, because I’m pretty fucking sure they all mean every lyric they spit out from their cigarette-tarnished, beer-scented vocal chords.


Groove Armada

Andy Cato and Tom Findlay – AKA Groove Armada – have been perhaps two of the most influential people in British dance music over the past two decades, adored by both chart lovers and proper IDM fanatics. Imagine seeing the above video (taken from Glastonbury Festival) but ACTUALLY being part of the crowd – not only that, but in an audience that’s a fraction of the size at Glastonbury, therefore it being more intimate and perhaps 100x more mindblowing. We bet that Groove Armada’s performance will be in the top 3 of the Lovebox weekend (keeping in mind that Grace Jones is playing too).


High Contrast

We like to cover all the grounds here at Notion, so here’s a bit of Welsh DnB for you. Lincoln Barrett’s decade-old namesake High Contrast is neither up and coming nor a universally known act, but he’s one of the best independent DnB producers around, signed to the fantastic Hospital Records. If you’re into this side of dance music, then his set is a must-see. Read up on his meeting with Clubs Editor Kara Simsek in issue 57 of Notion Magazine.



Literally every Kelis single is flipping fantastic. Over more than a decade she’s taken me through my childhood, skating at roller discos to ‘Milkshake’, dancing awkwardly at Pantiles to ‘Trick Me’, and more recently quenching my thirst for nostaligia as I play her ‘Millionnaire’ duet with Andre 3000 on repeat every Saturday to get me out of my hangover and into the mindset of someone who can TAKEOVERTHEWORLD. She’s a sultry, smoky-voiced Strong Female who you’d be stupid to miss this weekend.


Little Dragon

This Swedish electro group have been around for sixteen years and have started to reach levels of international recognition over the past few years, as Nordic styles of music have become more and more popular. They’re quite the musician’s band, having collab’d with Credibles like José González, Dave Sitek and SBTRKT. Frontwoman Yukimi Nagano’s distinctive vocals mixed with the band’s unforgettable Scandanavian synth noodlings make Little Dragon a truly original group – which means they’ve achieved an almost impossible feat.


Rita Ora

Rita Ora is arguably THE breakthrough artist of this year. First she signed to Jay-Z’s record label, had a #1 hit featuring on DJ Fresh’s ‘Hot Right Now’ single, then matched that straight after by topping the charts with her debut single ‘R.I.P.’ This girl is unstoppable. And obvs Notion, with our impeccably good taste, put her straight on the cover of Issue 58.



We haven’t seen StoShe live before, but boy do we want to. The new bubblegum, cartoonified girl band are so ridiculously outrageous and we just want a chance to see them play a gig in the hope that they’ll bring out streamers, balloons and free ice cream for everyone. They seem like a right laugh, basically. Their infectious single ‘Love Me’ makes us like them even more with the knowledge that it was called ‘Fuck Me’ last year before their record label got their oh-so PC mittens on it. Party poopers.


We Were Evergreen

The cutest Franco-indie pop group around will certainly provide a welcome break from all the dance and outrageous pop performances at Lovebox. Grab a beer, chill out on the grass outside the tent and let the saccharine sounds of their twee instrumentation skip aimlessly through your mind. Expect understated, yet perfectly-formed songs.

-Bronya Francis

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