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To See At Lovebox: Notion Picks Sunday

Okay, so here’s some advice. As much as you’re gonna want to drink gallons of The Beer on Friday and Saturday until you collapse in a sleepy, smelly mess inside the oriental pavillion in Victoria Park, it’s OBLIGATORY that you pace yourself and make sure you won’t be an entire hungover wreck on Sunday. Because that’s arguably the best day of Lovebox. We’ve handpicked a stonking 13 bands that we think you should go and see on the last day of the festival. Check it.


Grace Jones

If you saw the 64-year-old legend’s flawless performance (and body) on the Jubilee weekend then you will understand why her performance will be 100% unmissable. No more words are needed to back this up.


Azari & III

Azari & III have been a firm Notion favourite over the past few years, and after a slow steady struggle through the quicksand pit that is The Music Biz, they’ve finally gotten the radio play and attention that they deserve. And no matter how many times we’ve listened to ‘Reckless (With Your Love)‘ in the office, we always end up gleefully chair-dancing in unison. This band is a ray of disco sunshine, and that, readers, is why we put them on the front of Issue 55.


Chaka Khan

Chaka Khan is one of the sexiest singers of the century. She’s a flawless phenomenon – just listen to her MASSIVE hits above to remind yourself of that fact. Seeing her live is bound to induce such universal feelings of ecstasy amongst the crowd that I’m sure a few people will end up crying. Including me. LUV U CHAKA.


Felix Da Housecat

This fella makes some of the best house of the past decade, straddling influences from both the UK and Chicago as a result of having had a transatlantic upbringing. Ingest something a bit stronger than beer and tumble into the fantastic abyss that is a Felix Da Housecat live set.


Hannah Holland

We spoke to Ms Holland at the ridiculously fun Bugged Out Weekender in January and have just heard the fantastic news that the fest’ll be returning next year (hooray!). Back to Hannah though, we gotta say that not only is this gyal utterly lovely but she also knows her shit about DJing and the like. Not only that but she also runs the club night & label Batty Bass – what a talented lady. She mixes some incredible house sets and will be absolutely perfeck to see when the sun is setting on East London. Bliss.


I Am A Camera

New pop girl and boy duo reviving brooding ’80s synth disco. If Drive was more light-hearted, they sure would have been featured on the soundtrack. I Am A Camera are our ones to watch – expect a debut album to come out in early 2013, but get on the bandwagon before everyone else and catch their sultry, stylish live set this Sunday. We did an interview and shoot with them last week, have a gander.

Lana Del Rey

The smash hit ‘Video Games’! The plastic surgery rumours! The disappointing live performances! The fashion house endorsements! The ifs! The whats! The whens! The whys! They maybes! Find out for yourselves if LDR is an authentic pop artist, this weekend at Lovebox.


Niki & The Dove

Editor Michael Lewin describes the Notion Issue 56 cover stars thusly: “They themselves are a duo, man and woman, whose music – theatrically, lyrically, aesthetically, technically – derives its intellectual and emotional power from the play of opposites.” If that description doesn’t quench your thirst for the mystical, musical marriage of Gustaf Karlof and Malin Dahlstrom’s talents, then nothing else will.


Patrick Wolf

Wolfy was part of  the Hoxton Pop crowd who all seemed to get weirdly simultaneously famous in the mid-noughties (see Kate Nash, The Klaxons, Hadouken!, Get Cape Wear Cape Fly, Test Icicles, etc.). I, having been a mere teen back then, will only go to see Patrick to clap along to ‘The Magic Position’; but I know a lot of people who still love him for retaining credibility by clinging onto artistic control, even if it means being dropped successively by several record labels. Truth is that Patrick Wolf is making an even better version indie pop than he was several years ago, and that’s why you should give him another chance.


Saint Saviour

Becky Jones was once a vocalist with Groove Armada and will be playing with them this weekend. But she’s also a fabulous artist in her own right – her flawless voice makes pairs perfectly with pretty much any instrumental accompaniment. It’s impossible not to love her.


Sam Sparro

This bird-named blokey first stormed into mainstream consciousness a few years ago with his MAHOOSIVE hit, ‘Black and Gold’. Despite my thinking that he may have been a one-hit-wonder, Sparro’s back with a new album called Return To Paradise which is actually being massively hyped by the critics. And despite my prediction that it won’t be as hard-hitting commercially as his debut, it’s clear that Sam Sparro has proven himself to be almost a transatlantic counterpart to our own Patrick Wolf in the way that he too makes incredibly cool disco pop (just a tad more camp).



Tyson is better than at least three quarters of the kids in the charts right now. He should be famous. Please make him famous, for God’s sake. He also likes to be blindfolded.

-Bronya Francis

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