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LCM Interview: Superdry

After recently cutting the ribbon to their epic, Regents Street flagship, there is no design feat the high street heroes cannot turn their hands to. And so, with said power store stocking everything from shades to shoes, James Holder (CD FYI) has enlisted the help of,  somewhat suit-fairy, Timothy Everest to bring us the brand’s first tailoring range. On the eve of the first day of the first London Collections: Men he and Timothy unleashed the Superdry suits unto the capital’s fash-pack. James offered more than an insider scoop; we were all ears (and eyes).

Planet Notion: LOVE the collection, when did you decide you wanted to collaborate with Timothy Everest?

James Holder: Well, basically, we met at Bread and Butter about twelve months ago. Tim and I share a passion for quality, we’re always trying to push design, embracing fabrics and attention to detailing and also embracing new technologies. Superdry’s becoming a full lifestyle brand now, and the Regent Street store allows us to showcase the brand in its entirety. When we bought the store we thought we’d give the second floor a tailoring section and we couldn’t think of a better person to work with than Tim. He’s an esteemed tailor and a tailor to Beckham, Tom Cruise and all the guys, so it was a perfect fit. We’ve done, what we think, is an amazing collection in a really short space of time and we’re really, really happy.

PN: How long did it actually take to put the collection together?

JH: We’ve been working together for nine months, but nine months in Superdry land is about two years for everyone else and it’s gone so quickly. We’re so, I’d probably say, obsessed with what we do and it’s the same with Tim and his team. We just want everything to happen and for it to happen so perfectly and really quickly, so we did a lot in a short space of time.

PN: So you knew that you wanted to introduce tailoring and it was just a matter of finding someone to collaborate with?

JH: Absolutely, we only want to work with the most incredible, like-minded individuals and brands. People who have a unique identity and share our approach to quality, and as Superdry grows as a brand, tailoring was an obvious extension for us to go in, we’re all into it, we all love beautiful fitted suits, so we had to find the right person and Tim was the right man.

PN: Was there any disagreements over the designing?

JH: No, never. We respect each other so much and Tim has the most incredibly talented team, I like to think that we’ve got an incredible team and we will only work with similar like-minded people, and you’ll usually find that once we’re all together, we’ve usually got the same shared objectives and views so it works really well. He respects me and I respect him and I think that’s why it’s been so amazing.

PN: What’s your personal favourite piece?

JH: That’s really hard because we have so many different looks and that applies to the collection as well. We have four such defining characters; the Super Spy with a hint of the super sleek James Bond, almost leaning perhaps a bit One Direction-y in its look. The Country Rebel is kind of a washed up rock star in the country out for the weekend in heavy tweed. Then you’ve got the Bank Robber, which is maybe an old classic Michael Kane – East End sort of look and then the San Franciscan which has more of a west coast, American pop sort of look.

PN: There’s literally something for everyone.

JH: Exactly! And each one has got such a unique character that it’s quite hard to pick a favourite because they’re all so different. We’re all about integrity and soul.

PN: Is this something you’re going to carry on doing year after year?

JH: Absolutely. Obviously this is the first collection, but we’re working together and as soon as we’ve done this launch we’re going to start on the new season. It’s the perfect springboard for us to move on and we will bring in more targeted products such as shirts, shoes, socks and all the cool associated things that as long as we can make them the best products for an incredible price, we’ll do it with Tim.

PN: Other than tailoring is there anything else that you’ve got in mind?

JH: We do, but I’m not sure I can talk about them. Obviously on the brand extension side of things we’ve got the fragrances, which are really growing and are about to launch. We’ve got five men’s fragrances out and are about to launch four women’s fragrances and another two men’s, which is coming shortly. Basically anything that is credible and that we would use and wear ourselves we can do.

Words – Anna Verdon

Photos – Laura Lewis

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