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LCM: Lou Dalton

Lou Dalton’s little LCM blurb (that you can peruse right here) proclaims that her SS13 collection was inspired by obsession and collecting. Sounds like BS, right? Well actually, it’s more apparent than you’d think.

Dalton’s OCD levels of obsession were visible in the delicate panels of colour and differing materials which embellished her boxy shirts. It’s as though they were conceived in a frenzy of fixation before being slowly subdued by a sense of contentedness and, of course, impeccable taste.

Skinny lower halves made for a climate in which the sporty and the beautifully tailored could conceive a baseball jacket love-child. And just like baseball cards and Pokémon, we want to collect them all.

Words – Suzie McCracken

Photos – Laura Lewis

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