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LCM: Baartmans & Siegel

Kicking off the final day of LCM was one of our most-anticipated shows of the whole weekend. London’s Wouter Baartmans and Amber Siegel are the most lovely design duo we’ve met, and each season, their collections grow in scope and ambition.

This time around, inspired by Cuban crab invasions (much more magical than it might initially sound), Baartmans & Siegel played with a gorgeous mint & cream palette in a series of fabrics that can only be described as exquisitely fabulous. Brocade shorts and light gauzy metallic silk trench coats sat side-by-side with crocodile-skin bags and the softest cotton and silk-blend t-shirts. Pattern and colour were used subtly and incisively, with the resulting collection being a deftly-executed set of garments that tread the line between wearable and experimental perfectly. Their trademark scarves and double-breasted wide tailoring were of course ever-present, but this collection was a masterstroke in creative menswear design, pushing the agenda and raison d’etre of London’s scene in exactly the direction that people come to London to see, shown in live presentation format that is perfect to appreciate the detailing. Baartmans & Siegel is my show of the season, without a doubt.

Words – Seb Law
Photos – Kaye Ford

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